Coaching: Is it for you?


If you thought this website is just about propagating the benefits of coaching- we urge you to think again. Some of us are not ready to take on coaching and here’s a simple test to know whether or not it works for you



1.    Do you feel substantially more alive, or further ahead, than you did a year ago?

2.    Is your life more run by things you have to do, as opposed to things you choose to do?

3.    Would you benefit from having clear goals that reflect what is truly important to you?

4.    Do you often feel stressed and like there is something holding you back from a much more successful life?

5.    Do you often know what you should be doing, but have a hard time actually doing it?

6.    Do you routinely run out of time, energy or patience by the end of the day?

7.    Is your career more of a job than a calling?

8.    Is there less meaning in your life, career, relationship, or business, than you would like?

9.    Do you have a difficult time balancing your career, family, friends, health, etc.?

10.  Has it been awhile since you really enjoyed yourself?

11.  Would you benefit from establishing great habits that keep you moving ahead in all parts of your life?

12.  Do you routinely find yourself worrying about the future?

13.  Do you often find yourself living automatically, or simply going through the motions?

14.  Would you like to learn how to create a life that directly reflects your greatest gifts, talents and interests?

15.  Do you want more success, peace, intimate relationships, or a sense that your life is making a difference?

16.  Do you ever get a sense that you are not living the life you were meant to live, and that there is much more to life than you are now experiencing?

17.  Do you have someone in your life who routinely gives you independent feedback, and helps you see what you might be missing?

If you answered yes to 10 of the 17 questions, you are really going to enjoy coaching.