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Some of your colleagues have already started to use coaching and find it very beneficial. Take a look at some of the comments that they shared with us

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Divya Sippy (with a picture)

ď It is a little like having a true, objective friend. The friend does not guide or advise you, just shows you the mirror from time to timeĒ

Saro "Thanks once again for the care and attention you have put into coaching me over the last few weeks. I have really appreciated they way in which you have challenged me to make progress through setting clear actions for myself. Thank-you to for being so focussed on helping me to be clear on my own objectives, holding me accountable through following up on the actions I have set and being so generous with your acknowledgement. Iím delighted with the progress Iíve made under your guidance and support."

Amy "You helped me to bring more clarity on my goals. In fact, you made me to seriously think about a plan of action to achieve my goals.I support me in running my own race and bringing my best potential"