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Coaching focus Support individual to simply life and maximize their potential

Coaching experience and qualifications With 18 years of IT experience and 8 years of experience in USA, moulded me as a good people person. I work with individual on one-to-one basis. My strengths are empathy, connectedness, inituitive skills. I also drive a leadership development initiative for personal development club. I am a member of ICF and am pursuing my ACC certification. I am also an active member of Hyderabad ICF chapters. Besides training on coaching I am also a facilitate Leadership Training programs..

Client testimonials "You helped me to bring more clarity on my goals. In fact, you made me to seriously think about a plan of action to achieve my goals.I support me in running my own race and bringing my best potential

Geographical location and languages I am currently based out of Chennai, India. Iím a native English speaker and coach in Tamil, English and Hindi.